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2012 Jeep Rubicon JKU w/ One Tons & 43" Stickies

Our 2012 Jeep JKU was purchased by Mike (one of our owners) back in October 2019 with one purpose in mind which was to build a family-safe rig capable of hitting every single trail (regardless of how easy or difficult) at our local wheeling spot with the whole family onboard. 

Mike purchased the Jeep used with about 90,000 miles on it from a local Jeep dealer. It came with a Teraflex suspension, 20" wheels and 38" tires when he purchased it. After wheeling it once with this configuration, it was quickly decided that the "default" configuration of this Jeep needed some attention in order to be a reliable Jeep on the trail. 

We set out to build the ultimate JKU on one ton axles to take serious trail abuse and still make it back to camp without issue trip after trip. 

The first task at hand was to pull the Dana 44's which had been re-geared to 5.13's and sell them so that the one ton axle build could get started. We opted for a junkyard 2008 Ford SuperDuty 60 front axle and a 2006 GM 14 Bolt rear axle as the foundation. Had we had to do it over again, we probably would have called Dan over at Fusion 4x4 and ordered a set of bolt-in one tons to make the build process go smoother and faster but hind sight is 20/20 as they say! For the ultimate strength, we opted to go with a 40 spline configuration for both the front and rear axles. We called on our friends at East Coast Gear Supply for their 40 spline, chromoly 14 bolt kit and our friends at Branik Motorsports for the massive 40 spline chromoly axle shaft kit with billet 1550 u-joints. The SD60 is running a 40 spline Eaton E-locker up front with an ARB 40 Spline air locker in the rear. We mounted the ARB compressor under the rear bench seat for easy access if need be. 

To get the axles mounted under the Jeep we used the Artec Industries APEX truss kits for both axles. Using these kits allowed for an easy bolt-in axle swap once we got the axles under the Jeep. Artec makes a quality product with near perfect fit and finish for an easy installation. 

The Jeep sports massive 43" Mickey Thompson sticky tires (not DOT-approved) which wrap a set of aluminum Raceline Monster 233 bead locks. Steering on the trail is handled by the PSC hydro-assist kit with big bore steering gear box and Barnes 4WD aluminum tie rod and their weld-on high-steer knuckle kit. 

The Jeep sits on 5.5" MetalCloak True Dual Rate coil springs with their "Longer Travel" RockSport shocks. The ride quality is better than factory with this configuration and allowed for a quick assembly due to using factory coil and shock mounting locations. Both front and rear track bars are also from MetalCloak. 

We wanted to keep the ground clearance as high as possible with a flat belly on the Jeep so we opted to go with the EVO-MFG high clearance JKU long arm lift kit brackets. We stretched the wheelbase about 3" in the rear and 2" in the front so we called Summit Machine for a set of custom T7075 2.25" aluminum lower links with their larger joints. Mike has bent numerous steel control arms over the years on the trail so he wanted something with a little more flex that could withstand hardcore off-road abuse yet still remain straight for years to come. Aluminum lower links are exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Driveshafts were custom made by our friends at Adams Driveshaft in NV with a 1350 CV shaft up front and a massive 1410 CV shaft out back. 

IMG_6055 2.JPG

Underside protection is provided by the MetalCloak JKU UnderCloak skid plate system. It works both with a stock suspension and also any long arm suspension kit such as the EVO-MFG high clearance kit that we are using on this Jeep. If you do any sort of medium to hard core trail duty, a skid plate should always be your very first mod to protect the underside of your investment. 

Safety was also a top priority so we reached out to GenRight Offroad for their complete JKU roll cage kit which we assembled and welded/installed here in-house. We prefer to weld the kits in house to provide the ultimate fit and finish upon installation. 

Finishing off the safety, restraints were by PRP. We used the PRP 4.3 harnesses in the front and the PRP 4.2 harnesses in the back to keep the whole family safe and secure no matter what terrain we're tackling. 

For more info about this build or the parts we used, please send an Estimate Request to the shop and someone will be happy to assist you.