Pandaemic Jeep Build

2020 Jeep Rubicon JLU

We've never experienced anything like we've experienced in 2020 and 2021 with the global Covid-19 pandemic reaching every corner of the globe. We also didn't think our business would be as strong as it was as soon as the pandemic hit the northern Virginia area. Well Covid-19 didn't stop us from pumping out some really killer Jeep builds including this white Jeep JLU Rubicon, appropriately named "Pandaemic." 

This customer came to use with a very well thought out parts list and wanted everything powder coated to match the Jeep with a white/black color scheme. 

  • MetalCloak 3.5" GameChanger lift kit

  • Synergy front track bar & sector shaft brace

  • Teraflex Falcon NF fast-adjust steering stabilizer

  • 37" Falken Wildpeak MT/01 tires

  • Hutchinson (DOT-approved) double bead locks

  • Hauk Offroad tube fenders

  • Hauk Offroad front & rear bumpers

  • 1310 CV front driveshaft by Adams Driveshaft

  • Warn EVO Series winch

  • Artec Industries aluminum inner fender liners

  • Custom powder coating by American Stripping Co.

This was a really fun Jeep for the crew to build and you can certainly see the level of quality that went into this unique Jeep build. The parts used on this build include the following list:

For more information about the parts used in this Jeep build or to schedule a time to speak to one of our team members about your upcoming Jeep build, please send us a message via our Estimate Request form.


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