First Responder & Military Discount Program

Updated: Jun 9

Here at Bull Run 4x4, Inc. we know the sacrifices that many make in the line of duty to uphold our Constitutional rights and to protect/serve our community. From being deployed overseas for months on end away from your family, to putting your life on the line for others and putting your country first before all else... Because of this, we proudly offer new product discounts (parts only) to those who show a valid ID whom are first responders (Fire, Police, EMS) or those whom are active-duty military or retired or honorably discharged military personnel.

Mike's father John is a 25 year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department retiring as a Lieutenant after serving the city of Baltimore with dignity and passion about his work helping the community where he grew up. Also Mike's grandfather, Clint retired from the U.S. Navy as a Senior Chief Petty Officer working as a Machinist Mate aboard many ships during his tenure in the Navy which includes serving many years aboard the USS America aircraft carrier. Mike's uncle Richard also served in the U.S. Navy as well as his Uncle Ray who served in World War II sitting the seat of a bomber above the skies.

Our First Responder & Military Discount Program is simple. Mention that you qualify for the discount and show a form of ID to validate the discount at the time of the estimate process. Once estimates are converted to invoices and payment is collected, we cannot go back to discount a previous invoice. We now offer 5% OFF on select new products. Not all products qualify for a discount so please ask one of us if the products you are purchasing qualify.

Work that cannot be discounted because there is little to no margin for a discount include the following:

  • Re-gearing axles (parts or labor)

  • New Tires

  • Mounting & Balancing

  • Parts with a strict MAP dealer pricing model

We want to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE and know that we support each and everyone of you who've served our great nation.

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