MetalCloak Lifts Explained - Why We Exclusively Use Them!

We get asked time to time, why do you only install MetalCloak lift kits? It's actually a pretty simple answer but there is a lot to the answer.

The main reason is QUALITY. Quality is sometimes hard to find in the Jeep world since there are so many different brands that you can choose from. One thing that has always been true with MetalCloak is the fact that they take pride in their products, stand behind them and the workmanship as well as quality of the products are second to none.

We've installed many lift kit brands over the years and our techs have grown accustomed to not having installation problems when using MetalCloak lift kits. That saves us time, which in the end, saves you money! We are a small shop and we like to continually improve our process and service delivery. We can do this by building repeatable processes when it comes to what we do the most. Lift kits are by far, the most common upgrade we do. So we have decided to standardize the parts we use, with a quality and proven product to make your experience with our shop, the absolute best it can be. You won't find us recommending a Rough Country lift kit or a similar inexpensive brand, just to make a buck. We would rather do it right the first time than have to do it twice for you, our customer.

Let's start with MetalCloak's Dual-Rate coil spring and why they are the industry's leading coil spring. This short video covers what you need to know about the basics of Single Linear Rate Coil Springs and MetalCloak's True Dual Rate Coils. How Linear Coil Springs and MetalCloak's True Dual Rate Coils work and what to expect when using them.

Now lets talk about the Duroflex joints. These joints are one of the many reasons that MetalCloak lift kits can achieve and OEM quality ride (or better) based on their design. Check out this short video of why these joints are the go-to joint for any serious off-road Jeep enthusiast.

And finally, MetalCloak has a one year warranty on all of their products with lifetime customer service that's transferable to the buyer of your Jeep, later on down the road when you decide to sell it.

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