Our Easy 3 Step Process to Building Your Dream Jeep!


So you just bought your first Jeep and don't know where to start or maybe you've finally picked up another Jeep after the kids are out of the house and no longer on your insurance plan. 


Well either way, Congrats on buying a Jeep!  So now what? 

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The possibilities are endless with a Jeep. You can take them camping into the mountains or you can enjoy beach access in the sand with them. You can build a rock crawler or a dual purpose rig with a few different uses in mind. You could drive it as a convertible, go-anywhere vehicle tailored to your taste!


Let us help you with your Jeep journey below using our easy

3 Step Process! 


Step 1. 
Schedule a PPI Inspection! 
If your Jeep is a used Jeep or previously enjoyed as we like to call it, then the first thing you want to do is schedule a Pre/Post Sales Inspection or "PPI" as we like to call it. A PPI is a 40 point inspection of your Jeep with photos and videos to document the entire inspection to alert you of any issues that may be present with the Jeep that need to be addressed. You can have a PPI done before you buy a Jeep to help you negotiate a better price if issues are found or to be sure that we're starting with a good foundation before we get started building your dream Jeep!


We've even had customers use our PPI inspections to return a Jeep after they bought it for a full refund because it should not have ever passed VA safety inspection! 

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Step 2. 
Schedule a Virtual Jeep Consultation! 
So you have a brand new Jeep or we've done a PPI and you're ready to get started building your Jeep or maybe just want a bunch of questions answered by the pros. This is where a virtual Jeep consultation comes in handy. Go to this link and find a time that works best for you and Mike to connect on your Jeep build. Enter your info and you'll be texted a reminder for the meeting time. If you're new to using Zoom, don't worry. Just download the Zoom app to your iPhone or Android device or join the meeting from a laptop with a webcam. Mike will walk you through our process from start to finish and probably explain more than you ever wanted to know about the proper way to build your Jeep! 

Click here to schedule a virtual Jeep consultation!

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Step 3.
Approve Your Estimate!

So you did your PPI inspection and only a few minor issues were found or better yet, nothing at all. Congrats. Now it's time to get started with your Jeep build. After you've done Step 2 and had your virtual Jeep consult with Mike, you've received your estimate and it's time to approve the work.


We require a parts deposit up front to get your parts ordered for your Jeep. Each Jeep build is custom tailored to your Jeep and use case.


The balance of labor is always due upon completion of your Jeep build.


Once a parts have arrived (typically 2-3 weeks) then we will reach out via text/email to get you on the schedule for your Jeep build! It's really that simple. 


Everything is done with a state of the art shop management application by Shop Monkey that keeps you up to date with the status of your orders, your scheduled appointments and all billing/payments too! 


Oh and if you read this far that means you totally enjoy doing research before spending money on an investment like a Jeep. Check out our 75+ 5-Star reviews on Google from customers just like you who've had work done at our shop or a Jeep built by us. 


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