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Start Here.

Thank you for supporting our small business and becoming part of the Bull Run 4x4 family of customers!


This page is to help you better understand how our company operates and to set the correct expectations out of the gate so we can work together seamlessly to get your Jeep or other vehicle repaired or upgraded to your satisfaction. 

What Do You Need to Do?

  1. Pay Your Parts Deposit First 
    We cannot begin ordering parts until your full parts desposit is paid in advance along with taxes, shop supplies and shipping fees. 
    Once parts are ordered it can sometimes take 2-3 weeks to obtain things like lift kits or custom parts. Typically parts that are for general service like brakes, tires, axle seals, etc. can be procured in less time. 


    As soon as ALL of your parts for your job are delivered, checked into our inventory and accounted for, one of our team members will reach out to get you on the schedule.

  2. Review Our Shop's Policies
    Please take a moment to review our shop's policies located here. Our policies are in effect so that we can be as efficient as possible and eliminate as much confusion as possible so please be sure to read ALL of them. If you fail to read them, that's your fault. Not ours. 


  3. Book a Rental Vehicle or Loaner Jeep
    Book your loaner or rental vehicle as soon as you have an appointment date so that you are guaranteed a set of wheels to use while your Jeep or vehicle is here at our shop. We offer a four vehicle loaner and rental fleet through at our shop. Loaners are offered on a first-come, first serve basis.
    Book your loaner vehicle now less than 2 days in advance. Click Here to book yours now!


  4. Please Include Doors, Tops and Covers When Dropping Off
    When you drop your Jeep or vehicle off, please bring with you doors, tops, covers or anything else to protect your Jeep from the elements. We work on 6-10 Jeeps a day and we cannot store your Jeep inside durinig inclement weather. We only have three bays and they need to be open, ready to accept the next job once your job is completed.


  5. Do Not Block Bay Doors or Gas Pumps When Dropping Off
    Please use common sense and do not block the gas station's pumps or our bay doors when dropping off. In the event of an emergency we need to get Jeeps or vehicles out of the bays quickly. Use the gravel lot around the rear of the building to park in. Vehicles parked at the gas pumps will be towed by our landlord.


  6. Arrange Pickup of Old Parts or Tires & Wheels
    Unless notified by you the customer, we will recycle all old parts that came off of your Jeep. Due to the small size of our three bay shop (It's only 1200 sq ft) we cannot store your old parts for you. They must be loaded in your vehicle when we complete your job or they will be placed in our scrap dump trailer in the rear of the building for recycling. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. We enjoy working in a clean, uncluttered shop to keep our team safe. We're not a self-storage unit. Parts get recycled EVERY FRIDAY.

  7. Schedule your 500 Mile Service or Next Oil Change at Pickup
    Stay ahead of the curve by scheduling your 500 Mile Service when picking up your new Jeep build. This allows your warranty from Bull Run 4x4 to remain intact. Any customer that fails to return for a 500 mile service that's mentioned on your invoice will automatically VOID ALL WARRANTIES with Bull Run 4x4. 

  8. Need to Send Us a Message About Your Estimate, Invoice or Job in Progress?
    Please reply to the SMS/Text message when we sent you the estimate or invoice as that comes right into our Shop Monkey CRM system for all team members to view and respond to. One of our team members will respond as quickly as possible. 

  9. Just Had Your Jeep Re-Geared?
    Please follow our re-gear break-in policy which is:





    • RETURN FOR 500 MILE SERVICE (or warranty is voided)

  10. You Didn't Review Our Polices Yet, Did You?
    We know you probably don't like to read the fine print. We don't either, honestly. We get it. But you need to do this now so can't say "I didn't know about that..." So just to recap No. 2 on our list, please review our shop's policies HERE.

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