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Trail Spare Warranty Program

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If you've ever been off-road before then you know that carnage happens. Its inevitable and it usually happens at the most inopportune time too! Well, we have you covered for that unexpected break whether it happens on the road or in the rocks, our Trail Spare Warranty is unlike any other in our region. 

Meet Brad. Brad is one of Mike's friends who apparently did not enjoy having to carry a winch and a toolbox full of tools to Mike's Jeep back in 2005 due to a break down that occurred on the trail in the middle of winter. The walk back to the Jeep was a mile up the mountain in the middle of winter in the snow. Unfortunately, the break was so bad that we were forced abandon the Jeep on the trail for over a week waiting for parts to arrive. Don't be like Mike. Don't get stuck waiting on parts or worse yet, stuck on the trail.

The Trail Spare Warranty Program is designed to cover your Jeep when the unexpected happens. Trust us, it will happen. We're proof of it and Brad thinks so too.


Now meet Cody. Cody was a new customer of ours in 2021. We re-geared Cody's Jeep just after he purchased it with 37" tires on it. He participated in an off-road trip with a big group of friends and blew out his drivers side ball joints. The recovery to get the Jeep off of the trail took until 2 AM. Cody had not even made his first payment on his new Jeep JL when this carnage happened!


The repair included an axle shaft, u-joint, new Tereflex HD ball joints and an ABS sensor which was a costly bill. He expressed that he wished that he had the Trail Spare Warranty to cover his Jeep.  It cost Cody so much money that he had to move into Mike's basement and ended up selling the Jeep. He finally moved out and got married.
True story, mostly.

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So What's the Catch?

There is no catch. All you have to do is purchase the warranty at the time of install for 10% of the total cost of the project. You're then covered for 36 months! That's right, you get a 36 month warranty on a one-time replacement of any covered part. You can break one part or a handful of parts, we'll cover replacing the part. 

10% of the total project invoice cost gets you into the warranty program for 36 months.


Customers are responsible for labor at our reduced Trail Spare Labor Rate of $75/hour.


  • Trail Spare Warranty cannot be transferred.

  • Accident damage is not covered. (that's what your Jeep insurance is for)

  • Warranty does not apply to intentional breakage. 

  • Warranty only covers failed parts, not worn parts. 

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