Shop Policies
  1. We are a late model JEEP-ONLY Shop.

    Yes, please read that again.  You wouldn't go to a heart doctor to have your knee looked at, right? So why would you want a shop that knows nothing about other vehicles to work on your vehicle that's not a Jeep?

    We are a Jeep specialty shop that knows Jeeps unlike no other. We don't know the first thing about how to level your Nissan truck or what's the best lift kit for your Dodge Ram 2500 or what lift kit you need for your new Ford Bronco so leave that to the experts that do! It will be a much better customer experience for you and us if we stick to what we know which are 1997 and newer Jeeps! We do know Jeeps very well (our reviews are a testament to this) and we are happy to be your one-stop shop for expert advice and guidance on late model Jeeps (Wranglers/Gladiators).

    What we will work on and have a proven track record with:

    - 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ
    - 1997-2006 Jeep TJ/LJ Wrangler
    - 2007-1018 Jeep JK/JKU Wrangler
    - 2018-Present Jeep JL Wrangler
    - 2020-Present Jeep JT Gladiator

    (NOTE: if your vehicle make or model is not on the above list then we are probably not the shop for you!)

    We do not service or upgrade any vintage Jeeps including the earlier MB, CJ or YJ models.

  2. We Do Not Install Customer Supplied Parts!

    We DO NOT customer supplied parts. This is our company policy at Bull Run 4x4 for several reasons.  First, we have no way to warranty a part that we didn’t procure/provide to you. We take pride in being able to provide the very best customer service in the industry by not only selling you the correct part  the first time through one of our distributor relationships but being able to always taking care of you if you have a problem in the future. 

    We simply cannot provide that level of service with customer supplied parts so it’s always been our policy to not install parts that didn’t come from us. 

    Time is valuable to not only you but us as well. Often times things are left at home, lost or forgotten so installing a customer supplied part is more time consuming than if we provide the part for you. Yes, this happens more than you think. From wire harnesses, to nuts & bolts and misc. pieces, we simply don't have the time to chase parts that have been lost or that you failed to provide at the time of your scheduled appointment. If we purchase the parts, we know exactly what else needs to go with that part to make for a successful installation so that you're happy and our installers are happy. 


    1. We will not install anything Rough Country, ever. So please don't ask. Click Here to read why not.

    2. No, unfortunately we won't install your angry grill. Click Here to read why not

    3. We will not install customer supplied gears (new or used), lockers or anything related to or on an axle.

  3. We Recycle ALL Old Parts Unless You Request to Have Your Parts Returned!

    We recycle ALL OLD parts unless you specifically request that you want your old parts returned. Due to the small size of our shop, we cannot store old bumpers, wheels, tires, suspension parts on your behalf. Once the new parts are installed, all old parts are taken behind our building to our recycling pile for pickup every Friday. You have until Friday until your parts go in the scrap pile to be recycled each week. Please make arrangements to pickup your old parts by 4 PM on Friday of the week that your work is being performed. 


  4. First Responders, Active Duty Military and Veteran Discount Available 

    We offer discounts on select parts for our folks that have put their life on the line to protect our communities, country and served our great nation. Thank you for your service and please ask about our discounts during the estimate process. A valid ID showing your service is required to prevent stolen valor (it's a shame we have to say this too). We do not offer discounts on wheels, tires or re-gearing due to the fact that there is little to no margin to be made on these parts as business. 


  5. All Work Must Be Paid in Full Before Taking Delivery of  Your Jeep

    It's a shame that we even have to make this a policy but all work must be paid in full before we will turn the vehicle back over to you for pickup. We have a very intuitive online payment processing process that's integrated with our invoicing system to make this process as streamlined as possible. If you cannot pay for the work, your Jeep remains in our possession as collateral until you can pay for the work performed. No Exceptions. 


  6. Parts Deposits Required Before Ordering or Scheduling Work

    We require a full parts deposit to begin the order process for your job. Typically our invoices are split into "Parts" and "Labor" fees. Payment for parts is due at the time of sale and payment for labor is due upon completion of work. We make it very easy to pay your deposit online once your estimate is converted into an invoice then emailed to you. Simply click the link in the email to pay your deposit (be sure to change the total amount due to the total invoice minus labor). Once payment is received, all parts are then ordered. We will reach out to you once we have all of the parts for your job to schedule your work. 



    Do to the custom nature of our business, once a product is ordered through us at Bull Run 4x4, we cannot return the part or product. All sales are final. Please re-read this policy. We are happy to refund labor if you decide to go a different direction, but all parts or products that are purchased on your behalf will be delivered to you at our shop regardless if you have the products installed with us or not. 


  8. No Engine Repair or Transmission Work

    We do not perform engine repair work or transmission work at Bull Run 4x4. Our expertise starts at the transfer case and back. We can perform work on transfer cases, axles, gears, lockers, suspension, steering, wheels, tires, brakes, light engine repair and more. If you need transmission work, please ask us for a referral to a shop that we recommend. We're happy to provide referrals for things that are outside of our wheelhouse. 


  9. All Jeeps Required to Be Dropped Off

    All customer Jeeps are required to be dropped off for the day if the work is scheduled to take more than 1 hour. We have a very small front office and we cannot fit more than 1 person in the front office due to the small space that we have. We're sorry for any inconveniences. Please arrange to find a ride once you drop your Jeep off. We do offer a key drop in our first bay door if you wish to drop your Jeep off after-hours. We will call you or email you as soon as the work is finished. 


  10. No Sharing of Personal Data

    We do not sell or share your personal data that you provide to us for our records. This data is stored securely in our cloud applications for internal use only. We do not offer your data to any third party at anytime. 


  11. For Off-Road Use Only

    The work we perform on any vehicle is for off-road use only. We are not responsible for any modification that we perform on your Jeep that causes a failure of Virginia state inspection or any other state inspection. By approving the work we are to perform on your vehicle you understand that it is your responsibility to comply with all local, state and federal laws regarding vehicle safety. 


  12. Labor Warranty 

    Bull Run 4x4 offers a lifetime installation labor warranty for bolt-on parts. This means that if a nut, bolt or fastener comes loose, or there is an issue with the way a part was installed, please bring the Jeep back to us and we will warranty repair it at no cost. If you damage a nut, bolt or part on your Jeep from an accident, off road use or any other way, we are NOT responsible and the warranty is void. Our warranty is only in effect for fully functioning products that did not incur any damage from any accident or negligence beyond our control. Bull Run 4x4 reserves the right to void any warranty claim based on improper use or accidental damage to any part installed. 


  13. Re-gearing Warranty - All re-gear work including ring gears, pinion gears, bearings, gaskets and seals are warrantied for 3 months from the date of the original installation. We cannot control mud, dirt, debris from entering axle tubes and causing issues with seals or bearings if you use the Jeep off road. Because of this, re-gear work is warrantied for 3 months from the time of install. No Exceptions.

  14. Parts Warranty - Bull Run 4x4 does not provide any warranty on parts. Parts warranties are provided by the original manufacturer. If your parts came with a warranty registration card, please fill out the card with your information and submit the information to the original manufacturer of the part. Most Jeep part manufacturers offer a 1 YEAR WARRANTY from product manufacturing defects. If a product is defective and has failed, Bull Run 4x4 will work with the manufacturer to have the part replaced.


    ***Please NOTE: All customers are responsible for any billed labor associated with replacing a failed part that has failed due to a manufacturer defect.***


    Our polices are subject to change without notice. Please refer to this page for our updated shop policies.