Shop Policies
  1. We Do Not Install Customer Supplied Parts (with exceptions)

    We typically will not install any customer supplied parts. This is our company policy at Bull Run 4x4 for several reasons.  First, we have no way to warranty a part that we didn’t procure/provide to you. We take pride in being able to provide the very best customer service in the industry by not only selling you the correct part  the first time through one of our distributor relationships but being able to always taking care of you if you have a problem in the future. 

    We simply cannot provide that level of service with customer supplied parts so it’s always been our policy to not install parts that didn’t come from us. 

    However there are exceptions to every rule at times. If a part that you bring us is "new in box", it's our discretion if we decide to or offer to install it for you. If we do install the part then the following applies with absolutely no exceptions:

    1. The rate for customer supplied parts (that we agree to install for you) is $150/hour​.

    2. No labor discounts applied for customer supplied parts.

    3. The is absolutely NO warranty with any customer supplied parts!

    4. If you provide us with parts and we disassemble the Jeep only to find that the parts don't fit, you agree to pay us for our time that we spent at the rate of $150/hour, with NO EXCEPTIONS.

    5. We will not install anything Rough Country, ever. So please don't ask. 

    6. We won't install your angry grill, ever. 

    7. We will not install customer supplied gears (new or used), lockers or anything internal to an axle. 


  2. Parts Deposits Required Before Ordering or Scheduling Work

    We require a full parts deposit to begin the order process for your job. Typically our invoices are split into "Parts" and "Labor" fees. Parts are due at the time of sale and labor is due upon completion of work. We make it very easy to pay your deposit online once your estimate is converted into an invoice then emailed to you. Simply click the link in the email to pay your deposit (be sure to change the total amount due to the total invoice minus labor). Once payment is received, all parts are then ordered. We will reach out to you once we have all of the parts for your job to schedule your work. 

  3. No Motor or Transmission Work

    We do not perform any motor or transmission work at Bull Run 4x4. Our expertise starts at the transfer case and back. We can perform work on transfer cases, axles, gears, lockers, suspension, steering, wheels, tires, brakes and more. If you need motor or transmission work, please ask us for a referral to a shop that we recommend. We're happy to provide referrals for things that are outside of our wheelhouse. 

  4. All Jeeps Required to Be Dropped Off

    All customer Jeeps are required to be dropped off for the day if the work is scheduled to take more than 1 hour. We have a very small front office and due to Covid-19 regulations for businesses where we must practice social distancing of at least 6 feet apart, we cannot have customers waiting in our front office. We cannot fit more than 1 person in the front office 6 feet apart from another person due to the small space that we have. We're sorry for any inconveniences. Please arrange to find a ride once you drop your Jeep off. We do offer a key drop in our first bay door if you wish to drop your Jeep off after-hours. We will call you or email you as soon as the work is finished. 

  5. No Sharing of Personal Data

    We do not sell or share your personal data that you provide to us for our records. This data is stored securely in our cloud applications for internal use only. We do not offer your data to any third party at anytime. 

  6. For Off-Road Use Only

    The work we perform on any vehicle is for off-road use only. We are not responsible for any modification that we perform on your Jeep that causes a failure of Virginia state inspection or any other state inspection. By approving the work we are to perform on your vehicle you understand that it is your responsibility to comply with all local, state and federal laws regarding vehicle safety. 

    Our polices are subject to change without notice. Please refer to this page for our updated shop policies.


Our Services

- Complete Jeep Builds

- Jeep Suspension

- Jeep Winches & Bumpers

- Jeep Armor & Skid Plates

- Jeep Repair (no motor/trans)

- Lift Kit Installations

- LED Lighting

- Jeep Accessories

- Jeep Wheels & Tires

- Welding & Fabrication

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